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Quarr Abbey project 


I'm participating in a project with the Ryde Art Collective which considers the Benediction order and Quarr Abbey on the Isle of Wight. The project started in 2019 and the intention was to exhibit work as a group in the Abbey's art gallery. The Covid pandemic delayed the plans and we finally showed some work in 2022 (March 10 until the 15th). My work focuses on the 'miracles of Benedict written by Pope Gregory the Great in 500 AD, specifically on the tale of the Raven and poisoned loaf of bread. The tale features everything expected of a miracle and religious thought, as well as reflecting the nature of everyday life, temptation, lust, envy, redemption and humility. The project continues over the next two years aiming at a new exhibition in 2024.

Burden 2
Quarr 1.JPG
The Journey
The Burden
The Clouds of Envy
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