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Sculpture and installations

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The Consequences of War 2018.JPG

The Consequences of War comprises four figures depicting the agonies and fears of war, often unseen by those not physically affected.  

Clay and oxides

Each figure between: 11/12 x 16/20 cm

War detail 2018.JPG
War image 3
War image
Confusion a (1).jpg
Confusion c (1).jpg
Confusion detail

Confusion – the absurdity of the human species. Quite often it seems we don’t know whether we are coming or going, what gender we are or should be, a deliberate or unknowing confusion about how we should behave, all of us passing by each other in our own worlds.

Mixed media

190 x 40 cm

Hanging Houses (1).JPG
Hanging house detail.jpg

 Hanging Houses comprises 4 hanging 'pod' houses made from thin wire, thread and glue reflecting the fragility of life 'hang on, stay safe or jump' 

Mixed media

Each pod approx: 50 x 17 cm 

baby buds.JPG

Baby Buds reflects thoughts on conception, designer babies, fertility and over population.

Mixed media

10 x 85  cm diameter

baby buds 1
Baby Buds.jpg
Silhouette 4c.jpg
Gremlin 1.JPG
Gremlin 2.JPG
Gremlin 3.JPG

The Grid

1 x 1 metre

White clay, oxides, cotton, metal grid 

girl 1.JPG

Study of a girl


Sleeping woman

Refugee boy 2.JPG

Refugee boy.

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