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Clayden Gallery Exhibition at Quay Arts, Newport, Isle of Wight. February 2020 

Clayden 2020 (2).jpg
Clayden 2020 (1).jpg

Visitor Comments

Story telling at its best – thought provoking


Fascinating engagement with the human figure, beautifully presented


Sensitive, unafraid of being emotive, bold in a quiet way,

always surprising and beautiful quality in every corner


Fragile raw, a new insight in what it means to be human, very inspiring


Such a diverse mix of emotive pieces, the display is crisp yet holds such

feeling and delves into your thought process


Truly inspiring, my son can’t wait to start sculpting, thought provoking work


Wonderful deep and meaningful pieces


Meaningful work that touches my soul,

I felt I shared a lot of emotions with the characters


Captures powerful emotions, profoundly moving


Lovely gentle looking work even when the tragedy in it is clear


Very interesting but for me disturbing


Sensitive beautiful and sometimes disturbing all at the same time


Very tactile evoking memories for me and sadness but hope for the future

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