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The Curios Exhibition at the Art House a part of the Ventnor Fringe 2022 - 22nd until 31st July. 

I participated in this exhibition over the period of ten days. My exhibits focused mainly on memories and the mind the fragments and elusive childhood memories that go on to form our adult selves.  On the last weekend of the exhibition I asked visitors to write down a significant memory that they think influenced the way they function and behave now. The 'memory pot' was full after the two days and I collected over 40 memories which will go on to inform my work.   

Memories detail.JPG
hanging (on).JPG
hanging on detail 1.JPG
hanging on detail 2.JPG
Doodle grid.jpg
Plinth object 2.JPG
Platform piece (3).jpg
Platform piece (1).jpg
The memory pot
Silhouette 4c.jpg

The window hanging is over 3 metres long made of a gossamer fabric hand stitching, paper, paint and stencils. It reflects the changing light becoming cold or glowing throughout the day. It moves constantly according to movement and air flow in the room. The imagery comes from my own memories - I chose the gossamer fabric for its ethereal translucency to reflect the nebulous nature of what we remember. Memories that come back to us in dreams and the stories we tell, but also in the way we behave and function.

We are all black we are all white bound together by the threads of humanity
The doodle grid - a story in every doodle
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