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Exhibition project –

Between Land and Sea, an Exploration of the Isle of Wight Coastline March 2019 at the Quarr Abbey Gallery.

Land and sea.jpg

I participated in and organised this exhibition with the Ryde Arts Collective a group of artists living and working on the Isle of Wight. The objective was to explore the island’s coastline. This is still a working subject for me as it raised a number of phenomena that continue to worry and fascinate me. I created several pieces for the exhibition.  

Atherfield Ledge (7996).jpg

These drawings depict significant coastal areas known for their danger to shipping now mostly resolved due to radar and the Island's RNLI service. 

Atherfield Ledge

coloured pencil

Each 20 x 26 cm 

Tidal Streams.jpg

‘The Tidal Streams’ - show how the tides circulate rapidly and consistently, around the Isle of Wight. As I developed the drawings the island became a living pulsing heart, animal like, reflecting the force of nature surrounding it. Associated drawings and small sculptures show prominent coastal areas notorious for shipwrecks and those that perished.

Tidal Streams comprises eight pieces in total each measuring 20 x 25 cm

Timeline - full panel 1.jpg
Timeline Detail (7969).jpg
Timeline Detail (7972).jpg
Timeline Detail (7973.jpg
Timeline Detail (7988).jpg
Timeline Detail (7991).jpg

The Timeline is a snapshot of Evolution from prehistoric beginnings, dinosaurs, creatures, human progress and today's plastic landscapes.  

Mixed media

Approx 2 m x 15 cm

The two following panels reflect the stories of shipwrecks off the Isle of Wight . The Clarendon and the SS Mendi . Follow the links for the full stories.

The Clarendon shipwreck 

The SS Mendi shipwreck

Clarendon - the baby (7944).jpg
Clardenon full panel (7939).jpg
Clarendon - the cat (7948).jpg
SS Mendi - full Panel v2 (7929).jpg
SS Mendi - 3 sitting figures (7935).jpg
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